Sh*t My Uterus Says: Sass is the New Pink

Well it’s been a few months since her last little tantrum so to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t surprised when the notes started showing up again over the past couple of days.

And so with a shaking head and a crooked smile I now present to you the third installment of:

Apparently she is a very hostile environment for sperm.

I woke up with this one stuck to my forehead the day after watching a childbirth video. I must admit, I have a whole new respect myself.

Now she’s just making excuses…lame.

She’s so gossipy.

She’s a little extra crampy this month. We all are.

Oh well, let’s hope this current ranting spree got most of her aggression out for a while. I just never know with her. Sometimes she just decides to make herself heard at the most inopportune times.

Until next time

About Carrie-Anne

Mother, wife, writer, infertility survivor, lover of sunflowers and sunshine and chilly rainy days on mountains and in my spare time I'm a mechanical engineer...


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    […] Until next time… […]

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