My Two Week Wait

The following link will take you to a blog I wrote during my stint with Clomid. I have really been considering whether or not I wanted to share the entire blog, or just excerpts of my choosing that would hold me in the most favorable light.

It is so important for women to know that we all experience a wide variety of emotions – from sheer joy to pure anger and frustration – and it always helps to know that others really do feel a lot of the same things you do – even Christian women! That being said, this is my disclaimer that I write very open and honestly, and that some of it (not much, but some) is not pretty at all – actually some of it is downright hateful and you may even come across a bad word or two. That does not mean you should immediately begin rummaging through my blog to find the nasty stuff. I hope you’ll enjoy the other stuff too.

Most of it is written in a positive light, but you can clearly see the ups and downs I experienced (and still do). The last few entries deal with both my weight and my Clomid defeat  right before I drop it all together. I encourage you to also look early on in the blog too.

So, without further ado:


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