My husband and I have been battling infertility for four years. I underwent numerous timed cycles and IUI cycles which were unsuccessful. In July 2009 my husband got orders for us to move from Pensacola, FL to McChord AFB, WA (right outside of Seattle). We weren’t supposed to get orders but now had to move across the country with him reporting to work by January 2010. I was heartbroken as I’d established a wonderful relationship with an infertility doctor in Pensacola.

We packed up and moved across the country. I went to see another infertility doctor but we couldn’t afford anymore IUI treatments, let alone IVF! We’d already paid out of pocket for more than enough IUI’s that didn’t work. I reluctantly succumbed to the idea that I’d be the mother of one, but was SO thankful for the beautiful child I had. I also decided to get back to work. I got a job and found out that their insurance covered infertility treatments up to $25,000 no questions asked. It was as if God said, “Here ya go!”

We had really gotten out of our comfort zone with the IUI as it tested our beliefs so IVF had totally been out of the question. After many prayers and discussion, we finally decided it was time and went through an IVF cycle. Needless to say, the cycle didn’t work and as heartbroken as I was, I knew it wasn’t going to be immediately after the transfer. My heart and soul knew.

Nonetheless, I grieved…….again……..the death of a baby that hadn’t even been conceived but rather was just my heart’s desire. We weren’t going to try again. My husband said enough was enough and my body had had it with all of the medications, pokes, pricks, prods.

My heart wasn’t done though and I knew I needed one more chance (Plus, we still had the insurance to cover it!) I researched and found another doctor who ended up being amazing! Everything was state of the art and I knew this was it. We started the cycle again and right as we were supposed to start the medication regimen, my husband got orders for us to move to Cannon AFB, NM. We were shocked! Finally we would be closer to home but we hadn’t even been in WA 9 months! It was then it dawned on me even more clearly, God had sent us to WA to get pregnant!

I developed a cyst on my ovary due to the meds and had to temporarily stop the cycle. The doctor knew we were on a tight schedule. Again, after many prayers, we went through our second round in November. We only had one embryo that survived and were blessed with a pregnancy!! I had the aspiration on the 11th of November, the blastocyst transfer on the 15th of November, positive pregnancy test on the 24th and 26th of November, and we began the move to Cannon AFB, NM on the 27th of November. God is good! I would highly recommend Seattle Reproductive Medicine to anyone who suffers from this disease! I’ve also learned never to question the bigger plan. It always seems to work out.

There were some complications that arose at the end of December after a routine ultrasound. The baby had implanted high and to the right in my uterus. There was concern (and studies) that as the baby grew it would cause my uterus to rupture. This could result in both the baby and me dying. I spent three weeks in the hospital being closely monitored with ultrasounds every other day. I was by myself in Lubbock as my husband was moving us to Clovis and Momma was keeping my daughter in Alamogordo.

The doctors talked to me daily about potentially having to terminate the pregnancy due to the high risk. I continually refused. I did TONS of research as did my amazing doctors. We found out that this type of implantation is actually becoming more common with IVF treatment. It is still very rare, however, with the increase in infertility treatments it is being seen more and more.

I was released from the hospital as they felt the baby had moved some but still were concerned and I had weekly trips back to Lubbock to be checked. I am so happy to say that at my last appointment, the baby had moved to where the doctors feel comfortable (doctors said it’s a miracle) and I don’t have to go back for an entire month! Praise God!!! We are blessed with a little boy who is due to enter this world at the end of July. I have a beautiful five year old little girl, Hannah Mae, who is ecstatic to have a brother.

In sharing this with you, I am hopeful that I may be of help to you and others. Infertility is such a lonely journey, even when you have a huge support group. The feelings of failing as a woman were overwhelming. Studies now show that women who suffer from this terrible disease are 80% more likely to be successful with treatment if they have a support group of others that are going through the same issues. My mom and I were just talking about how I wished there was some way for me to be more active in helping others who suffer from infertility. I am a believer that everything happens for a reason and when she told me about your page, God couldn’t have made things clearer for me.

It has been a journey, but I truly believe that God will never give us anything we can’t handle. (Sometimes I just wish He didn’t trust us to much!) Between my faith and my counseling degree I hope to be able to help other families who have gone through what we have.

If you would like to contact Nicole to ask her questions about her journey, or to learn more about the counseling services she can provide, please fill out the form below and she will be happy to respond!

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  1. What a trip! The thing that stood out is the “side-trip” that many of us would see as an inconvience & feel annoyed. I wonder what so many of us miss in our hurried day-to-day lives.

  2. Nice blog thanks ffor posting

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